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Rowan's Starlit Walk 2019

I just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to Big Noise for your part in making the Starlit Walk 10th  anniversary event such a memorable occasion for everyone.  I’m glad I managed to introduce myself to you, although briefly, on the night.  I wasn’t able to stay and see the band perform but I was able to hear you from afar and it was truly wonderful.  Hopefully I’ll hear you all at the Gosport Half  Marathon!

Gosport Half Marathon 2018

I can’t tell you how much of a boost it is when I get to the band.  I always applaud you when I go by and have to stem the urge to come and have a go on the drums.  You are always so cheerful, even when the weather is bad.  It’s wonderful to see, as I thought only runners were mad enough to enjoy themselves in the rain!

Gosport Vehicle Rally 2019

The “Big Noise Samba Band” gave a great couple of performances at the vehicle rally.  I could see by the way that the public clustered around the band that their performance was well appreciated.  From my perspective they gave a great way to get people going post the Mayor’s opening speech and I particularly thank you for giving a marching band performance. 


I wanted to say a BIG thank you from all of us for the special performance by the Big Noise Community Samba band on Saturday evening at my son's wedding.   For all of us it was one of the special highlights! We all participated in the performance and that was really good fun !   All the band members were friendly and helpful and it was so much fun! Thank you again.

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