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Thursday 17th August 17:00 to Sunday 20th August 18:00

We are very excited to be playing at this fun festival on Saturday 19th August at 13:15.  Check them out and buy a ticket to come see  ALL the amazing acts.

Monday 28th August 13:00 and 14:45

One of our regular events, full of fantastic vehicles from across the decades, plus stalls, competitions, and Samba!

Saturday 16th September 2 pm & 7 pm

A Festival of Fun, supporting the local Community.  2 Carnivals in one day with lights, floats, processions, costumes an more Samba!

Saturday 30th September

Explorer Scouts Camp

Private Event

Saturday 25th November 15:00

Gosport Xmas Lights switch on

Another regular event in our wonderful local town. Look forward to fireworks, music, lights and Samba!

Since forming in 2007 Big Noise have performed over 300 times at events and festivals across the south coast. Whethere opening an event, processing at a carnival, running workshops or performing on your own special day we always guarantee to draw a crowd with our infectious rhythms and enthusastic players. If you would like to book or enquire us please contact us here

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